My novel, Broken Collar was published by Bottom Dog Press in May, 2012. Other publications include profiles, travel articles and essays, which have appeared in Arizona Highways, Columbia, Heartlands, MC-Squared, Go World Travel, and Magazines, as well as the Travel Section of the Arizona Republic newspaper. Click on the links below to read clips. 

My article, "Benin: The Birthplace of Voodoo" made the top ten travel stories of 2010 for magazine.​  
"Lake Baikal, Siberia:  Railway Journey to the World's Deepest Lake"  

 "Rio de Janeiro's Carnival and a Trip to Manaus," 

 "Trek to the Lost World of Venezuela's Mt. Roraima,"
 "Nome, Alaska: Three Roads to Roam,"   

 "Canada to Alaska: Byways and Waterways,"

 "Panama: Climbing a Volcano,"
 "Oregon: Enjoying Coastal Delights,"

 "Ghana's  Hopeful Hospitality: A Breath of Fresh Air, "

 "Benin and Togo:  The Birthplace of Voodoo,"    

 "Next Stop is Vietnam," Go World Travel, March 2007. 

"Journey to El Peten, Guatemala's Cradle of Civilization,"  Go World Travel, January 2008.

      "Along the Way," Arizona Highways, January 2006 

      Profile:  "One Good Priest," Columbia Magazine, November, 2004

      "A Cool Ride in the Desert," MC-Squared, Spring, 2007

      Essay:  "Delivering Grandma's Bread," Heartlands, 2005

      Travel essay: "Kenya," Arizona Republic April 2003 

      Travel essay: "Paradise in Nha Trang, Vietnam," Beach Wizard March 2004

      Travel essay:  "Glowworms of New Zealand," Arizona Republic, June 2003

      Travel Essay:  "Hiking a Live Chilean Volcano," Arizona Republic, June 2007

      Travel Essay:  "Paradise in Antarctica," Arizona Republic, February 2009



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